New Kit

This year we are pleased to announce our new two major sponsors – Pygott & Crone and CBH Construction Ltd.  We would like to thank them for their very generous donations which we rely on each year in order to keep our cricket club running.  We will therefore be displaying their logos on all of our cricket gear to show our appreciation of their ongoing and invaluable support.

It is a club rule that all players must wear club shirts.  All of our club kit is purchased through Frontrunner and must be Surridge shirts with our new logos – old shirts with Mundy’s logos, county, college, school playing shirts are not permitted.

Any players with Surridge kit can pay £6 to have new logos overprinted onto their current playing shirts.  (The cost of the new front overlay £3.50 and sleeve £2.50).  Jumpers and sleeveless sweaters will also need new logo – but only the front logo at a cost of £3.50).  Neil Landry from Frontrunner will be at the club on Thursday 6th and Thursday 13th  April from 6pm so people can have their kit overprinted.  This payment needs to be paid directly to Neil on the night.

All new training kit will have CBH Construction Ltd’s logo on the back so anyone wishing to have this logo on any of their old kit can also have this done for £3.50 on either the 6th or 13th April.  Please note that this is not compulsory but all new training kit purchases will bear the new logos.

You can order kit through our club shop on our new website.

Visit our online shop to place your orders.  Please note that we do a “training kit range” which includes the new “blade training pant”.  The training kit is popular with the seniors and quite a few juniors purchased last year but it is not compulsory like the cricket playing shirts which are.

Please ensure that your cricket clothing is up to date in preparation for the new season.  You will not be able to play if you are wearing any kit with the old “Mundy’s” logo on.

Our new sponsors are generating a lot of income for the club – new kit is not one of our profit making events for the club because we want to keep the kit at an affordable price for everyone.  The majority of our income comes from  our major fundraising events – County Day, Family Fun Day, Stolen Fridays and our Golf Day.